Towards Biblical libertarian philosophy

The purpose of this website is to offer a series of posts to attempt what I am calling a Biblical libertarian philosophy.

My time and place is 2020. USA. My badly frayed society seems to be coming unraveled way beyond the edges. It seems shaken to its foundations from several angles in unison. One of those quakes is no less than a real plague, the pandemic of Covid-19, 2020.

All my life I’ve heard it said that confronting one’s mortality can do wonders at focusing the mind. That may be what’s happening for me. The thoughts attempted here have bounced around the back of my mind for 10 years or more, but always too remote to bother trying. Now, I’m just old enough that I could very easily catch Covid-19 and be dead in a week or less. Suddenly, this multi-year background rumination seems surprisingly accessible, in ways I’d never have guessed. The work is by no means outlined complete. I don’t know exactly how I’ll get there. But when I sit to write it seems to come. So, I’ll take it one post at a time and see what I can complete.

I doubt this work is for my time, people and place. My society is so fractured in so many ways, with so many people on all sides so in love with their hate – I don’t see any clear paths for putting this back together. People don’t seem to want us back together, don’t want to be together. It’s as if we’re suffering an endemic pandemic of social attachment deficit disorder.

I have an answer for all that. God. But no one is much interested in that right now. If this work is for anyone at all, it’s probably another people, at another place and time, in other circumstances than mine. But I offer it for any who will consider.

Earliest Post

No Miracles Found Here

No Miracles Found Here. Nope. If it’s miracles you’re looking for, there’s nothing to see here folks. Move right along.  That’s weird way to open a Biblical libertarian web site. The reason you won’t find any miracles here is because miracles are arrogant. Let me explain what I mean.  In the Beginning (of science) “Falsification and

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