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At the close of the Post 5, Rights 4, I thought I would back up further in time to consider rights in Rome, and from there on back to Greece. Greece and Rome would have taken us back past New Testament times and solidly into Old Testament times. From there I planned to jump back to a rights-thought analysis for the ancient Code of the Nesilim, just as one example of the ancient genre of law code.

But, in my current life context, I was not going to make time available to do any of those things well. The reason I could make that choice is because they weren’t terribly necessary anyway. Since they are not terribly necessary to my point(s) anyway, rather than bothering to do them poorly I’ve decided to skip them altogether and focus on doing better what actually needs to be done.

Once I had completed those non-crucial things, I planned to arrive at an analysis of rights thinking related to the bible. That biblical consideration will yield a fairly self-evident contrast from the current American and Western contexts for Post-Enlightenment-Rights-Thinking.  Since that’s where we most need to arrive, I’ll be going there next, for perhaps as much as two or three posts.

Following those, I want to share “How I Treat the Bible,” and “How the Bible Treats Me,” probably as two separate posts.

After that, I plan to introduce a highly consistent philosophy of natural rights. Then based partly on that philosophy of rights, we can move on into development of the Biblical Libertarian Philosophy I hope to deliver at this site.

So next up, the beginning of my analysis for rights thinking in the bible.

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